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We aquired the shop no 275 in year 1979 and we are into retail business here since then. Initially we started with the small general store. It was named as "Dippy & Vicky General Store. We were offering fast moving goods like bread, cold drinks, cigarettes and daily use consumables. 


We started "Guru Kripa General & Kriyana" store in the year 1982 where we offered complete list of kitchen consumbales. We had hundreds of customer who used to regularly order the grocery products from us and manage the credit account with us. 


As our customer base was increasing towards South Indian Community, we started catering South Indian grocery and other items like banana, chips, onions, many weekly magazines etc. Sale of South Indian grocery items started in 1986 and it was going strong till 1993. Then we cattered only to our core customer base which was general store and Kriyana Items. 


We started new venture of farsan business from year 2012. Since then we are doing very well and attracting new customers regularly. This is because of quality of products and fast circulating stock. "MJ Farsan" name is based on our Guru's name that is "Mata Jagan Maa". Our guru has been graceful and helping us to progress. With the grace of our guru we have regular customers visiting from remote locations like Kalyan, Ambernath, Badlapur, Thane, Mumbai, Neemach, Katni, Beawar, Udaipur, Chitor and Dhule.  


We welcome you with open heart to our store and recommend you to try our farsan products and also referr to your friends and family.


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